A 2012 Bedtime Story – December 30, 2012

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a cozy fireplace on a cold winter evening.  In today’s service, this is the scene in which Ken delivers his final Message for 2012.  In a Message titled ‘A 2012 Bedtime Story’, Ken tells us this bedtime story.  And yes, you can hear the cracking of the fireplace in the background.  Inspiration is taken from 1Peter 1: 16-21.

Majesty: Transforming Majesty – December 23, 2012

Ken returns this week with another Message in his series on Majesty.  This week his Message is titled “Transforming Majesty”.  Inspiration is taken from John 18: 28, 33-37.

Majesty: Familiar Majesty – December 9, 2012

On this, the second Sunday of Advent, Ken continues his series on “Majesty” with a message titled “Familiar Majesty”.  Inspiration this week is from John 2:1-11.

God’s Grace – Where is it? – November 25, 2012

Pastor Ken was away this Sunday.  Deacon Brian Mitchell agreed to step in and deliver this week’s message.  Brian shares his thoughts on God’s Grace; based on his own story and his own faith.  Brian chose 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 as his inspiration.

After listening to this recording, Pastor Ken commented “Great inspiration about grace – honest, humorous, challenging to us, & honouring to God/ His word! God spoke through you, through your willingness to offer your gifts, example and story, and your exegesis of his word.”.

Majesty: Brilliant Majesty – December 2, 2012

This is the first Sunday of Advent.  For Advent, Ken has begun a series entitled “Majesty”.  This week, the message is about “Brilliant Majesty”; from Scripture John 1: 1-12.

A Taste of Heaven – 5 Promises for those who Overcome – November 18, 2012

This week Ken’s message is titled “A Taste of Heaven – 5 Promises for those who Overcome.” with inspiration from Revelation 1-3.

Becoming Better Believers: As Friends, Spouses. – November 11, 2012

Ken finishes his series on Becoming Better Believers with a message titled “Becoming Better Believers: As Friends, Spouses. Loving each other with God’s Matchless Love”.  Inspiration this week is taken from 1 John 3:16-24.

Becoming Better Believers: Parents of Potential! – October 21, 2012

On today’s journey to Becoming Better Believers, Ken talks about parenting and mentoring.  What kind of parent or mentor are you?  How are you influencing others?  Listen to what Ken has to say on this topic.  Inspiration today is taken from Hebrews 13:1-8.

Becoming Better Believers: Children of Promise! – October 14, 2012

Ken takes us on the next step in the journey to Becoming Better Believers.  On this, the 65th Anniversary of our Church, Ken’s message is titled: ‘Children of Promise!’.  Inspiration this week is taken from 1 Peter 5:5-11.

Becoming Better Believers: Spiritual Siblings! – October 7, 2012

For the next few weeks we will be looking at a new series of messages titled: ‘Becoming Better Believers’.  Becoming Better Believers is a process. Today Ken starts our journey along that process with a message entitled  “Spiritual Siblings!”.  Inspiration from Scripture this week is taken from Ephesians 5: 1, 2, 8-16.