Rebuilding Life: Phase II – God can do it…we can help! – September 15, 2013

Along with his construction equipment, Ken has erected a scaffold at the front of the church for this week’s message.  All in keeping with his metaphor of “Rebuilding Life”.  In Phase II, Ken continues to explore Ezra and Nehemiah in a message titled “God can do it…we can help!”.  The Scripture passage is Ezer 6:1-3, 6-13.

Rebuilding Life: Phase I – Ezra and Nehemiah’s Passion – September 8, 2013

When a pastor brings a pick-axe to church, what might you expect is going to happen – excavation, demolition, rebuilding?  This week Ken dons his hardhat and safety vest to kickoff a 4 week series on “Rebuilding Life”.  Ken will explore the tearing down and rebuilding the walls and foundation that support life, love, God’s blessing and God’s will.  The series start with a look at Ezra and Nehemiah as a backdrop for the weeks to come.  The Scripture passage for today’s service is Ezra 1, 3:1-10.

Fun Sunday II: The Source of ‘HAPPY! – September 1, 2013

Happiness.  What makes you Happy?  If you could measure it, where are you on your scale of Happiness?  Ken explores the source of your happiness in the second of a 2 part series entitled “Fun Sunday”.  The Scripture passages week are from 1 Chronicles  16:8-10, 31-34.

Fun Sunday: Trust and be HAPPY! – August 25, 2013

Back from his holidays, Ken looks at Happiness in today’s message.  The word ‘Happiness’ only occurs twenty times in the Bible (NIV).  However variants and synonyms of Happiness occur much more often.  As an example, Ken uses Psalm 100 to show where to find Happiness in Scripture and in your life.

Questions in the Bible – What’s true?… What’s next? – July 28, 2013

To wrap up his series on ‘Questions in the Bible’, Ken starts this week’s message with a Pop Quiz.  I hope you have been paying attention over the last 3 weeks!  He next moves on to three new questions for this week.  Ken then finishes with 4 questions posed by Paul in Romans 8:31-39.

Questions in the Bible: How then shall we live? – July 21, 2013

For part 3 of his July series on Questions in the Bible, Ken turns to Micah and explores questions from Micah 6:1-8.

Questions in the Bible: So, who is… HE? – July 14, 2013

In part 2 of his July series on Question in the Bible, Ken looks at question posed in Isaiah.  The Scripture for today is Isaiah 40:10-30.

Questions in the Bible: The First Question – July 7, 2013

For the month of July, Ken is going to explore questions that are asked in the Bible.  For his first message in this series he is going to start with the first question: from Genesis.  The scripture passage for today is Genesis 3:1-12

Defining Discipleship: Blessing and Brotherhood – June 30, 2013

Christ’s witnesses wrestle with being “in the world but not of the world”, especially as it pertains to wealth, finances and priorities. Using the book of 1 John, we explore the practical realities of living in our world of education & employment, worries & wealth. Scripture: 1 John 3:16-24

Defining Discipleship: Enjoying Faith! – June 16, 2013

Today Ken continues in his series on “Defining Discipleship” with a message on ‘Enjoying Faith’. Today is also Fathers Day.  Ken gives us a few top 10 lists for Fathers Day: 10 Things to Teach Your Children and 10 Ways to Live Your Life Better, as a Christian.  Our Scripture Passage for today is 3 John 1-11 and is read by our Deacon Don Hepburn.