Hey…Jude: Ages and Stages of Loving Fellowship – Stage 4: Grand Retirees

Today, Ken wraps up his series on the demographics of our church with a look at our oldest members – ages 71 to 100.  Yes, we actually have a centenarian.  In his analysis, Ken refers to this group as the ‘Grand Retirees”.  In this week’s message, Ken looks at their interests, needs and church focus.  The full text of Jude is the background inspiration for today’s message; and this whole series.

Hey…Jude: Ages and Stages of Loving Fellowship – Stage 3: Free Influencers

In Part 3 of Ken’s demographic analysis of our church population, he looks at a group he has called “Free Influencers”.  This is a group between the ages of 55 and 70.  As with the earlier groups, he delves into the characteristics, challenges, drivers and dynamics of this group.  He looks at their needs, with respect to the church, life and love.  Once again, Jude is the inspiration for this week’s message.

Hey…Jude: Ages and Stages of Loving Fellowship – Stage 2: Smart Pretirees

Ken continues his demographic analysis of the ages and stages of our churches congregation.  This week he looks at our youngest group of parishioners – the 0-20 age group.  Ken has dubbed these the “Smart Pretirees”.  He looks at he drivers and dynamics of this group with an eye to how we can all love them and understand them.  This series of messages uses Jude as its inspiration.

Hey…Jude: Ages and Stages of Loving Fellowship – Stage 1: Busy Managers!

With Labour Day behind us and the kids beginning to settle into their back to school routines, Pastor Ken embarks on new theme for his messages during the month of September.  This month, Ken looks at the demographics of our church.  This is not just a study of the numbers, fancy graphs and coloured charts.  Rather, it is a look at the major stages in our lives.  The epic drivers and dynamics that shape us and effect who we are and how we deal with others.  Ken’s goal in this series is to help us understand those who are in a different stage of life than we are; to be able to love them, as Jesus taught us to do.

Throughout September Ken will use Scripture from Jude to look at:

  1. Busy Managers – ages 21-54
  2. Smart Pretirees – ages 0-20
  3. Free Influencers – ages 55-70
  4. Grand Retirees – ages 71+

This week we start with the single largest of these groups within our church – Busy Managers!

Zingers!!!! Of the Bible – Part 8 – August 31, 2014

This week concludes our Summer Series on Zingers!!! of the Bible.  Ken finishes the series with a message titled “Life Goes On!”. Inspiration is taken from Colossians 1:15-20 and Ephesians 1:3-13.

If you have missed any of the Zingers!!!, visit our Podcasts from earlier this Summer.

Zingers!!!! Of the Bible – Part 7 – August 24, 2014

Ken resumes his Series on Zingers!!! of the Bible with Part 7 – “God” is Coming! He’s Here! This week’s installment is inspired by Isaiah 61.

If you have been following this series, you will note that we are missing Parts 5 and 6. Unfortunately these took place in a venue where recording the message for podcast was not possible.  But, stay tuned for the concluding episode, next week.

Zingers!!!! Of the Bible – Part 4 – July 27, 2014

Part 4 in Ken’s Summer series on “Zingers! of the Bible” takes us to Exodus.  To change things up a little, Ken uses a video clip to introduce this Zinger. You may not recognize the sound bite from the movie right away.  But,  listen carefully and you will recognize it from Exodus 3.

Podcast Note:  There is no service at the Center next week due to the Civic Holiday and there will also be no podcasts for the weeks of August 10th and 17th.  Ken will return on August 24th.

Zingers!!!! Of the Bible – Part 3 – July 20, 2014

Today Ken delivers Part 3 in his Summer series on Zingers! of the Bible.  He starts this week’s Zinger with a metaphor based on his earlier days in Petrolia, Ontario.  We are all sitting on a huge reserve – of Good and Evil.  In fact, we are all well-heads tapping in to that reserve.  Which flows through you pipes – Good or Evil… or both? Listen to this Podcast for a message that will help with into which you should tap.  The Zinger starts with Genesis 6.

Zingers!!!! Of the Bible – Part 2 – July 13, 2014

Some of the Zingers in the Bible have an effect that will last for all of time – from the beginning, up until now and far into the future. Ken talks about one such Zinger in today’s Message; entitle “Confounded by the Curse”.  Scripture today is from Genesis 3:14-19

Zingers!!!! Of the Bible – Part 1 – July 6, 2014

Zingers – Those one or two liners that make you stop and take a step back.  Yes, they can even be found in the Bible.  This week Ken looks at the very first zinger: “In the beginning…” from Genesis.