Serving Up Summer Spirituality – The Thessalonian Twins (part 2)

Today Pastor Ken continues with his Summer look into Thessalonians.  This week he explores where Thessalonians 1 and 2 differ – in 1 Thessalonians chapters 2 and 3.  Still using his Summer Sports theme, he invites us into a mystical realm of Authenticity, Proven Strength, Proficiency, Skill and Success which all of us have the opportunity to do … not on the sports field, but in life.

Serving Up Summer Spirituality

Serving Up Summer Spirituality – The Thessalonian Twins

Pastor Ken kicks off his Summer inspiration series with a comparison of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians.  The words of these two chapters are very similar. Listen to this week’s podcast as Ken takes these two letters from Paul and builds a Sports metaphor with Jesus as our coach.

Summer Spirituality


‘YOU’ at the Great Physician’s Operating Table

Pastor Ken picks up his series on The Great Physician again this week.  Today he looks at God’s healing… of YOU.  Just what happens when you get into the examining room; when you get into the operating room?

The Examining Room

The Great Physician’s Waiting Room

While we all sit in the Great Physician’s waiting room, Pastor Ken asks us to ponder the following questions:

Do you, do I, does our church…

  • …have a health perspective on God’s healing?
  • …have a health practice in seeking healing?
  • …have a robust theology of the mystery of God’s will?
  • …have a robust theology of holistic healing?
  • … have a robust theology of the theology of suffering?

Today Pastor Ken explores these questions as we sit in the waiting room, waiting to be attended to by the Great Physician.

The Great Physician’s Nasty Medicine

This week, Pastor Ken examines the nasty medicine dispensed by the Great Physician.  It tastes bad, but it works!

What is your present pain and suffering? The one that you identify as the worst in your life.  In which category does it fit?

  • Judgement – condemnation:  damnation
  • Isolation – destruction:  brokenness
  • Illness – testing – struggle:  character
  • Injury – accident – results:  human condition
  • Irritation – annoyance:  contentment
  • Delusion – lies:  perspective

Are you presently focusing on the symptoms or the cure?

The Great Physician, aka the Heart Surgeon

Pastor Ken continues with his series on “The Great Physician”.  This week he looks at the Great Physician as the emotional healer; the heart surgeon.

During his message, Pastor Ken mentioned two books he is using as the framework for this series.  Below are links to these book on

Verily, Verily, the Great Physician has … ARRIVED!

Pastor Ken continues his series on ‘The Great Physician’.  This week, the Great Physician has Arrived! Ken begins by examining Truth, Lies and the confusion and uncertainty we all deal with.  From there he looks at four sicknesses from which we all suffer, at times.  He concludes with the cure – from the Great Physician.  Listen to this week’s podcast for the remedy.

Extraordinary Eternal Easter: Palm Pedestals

Today is Palm Sunday. Following a Scripture reading from one of our younger members; and a short dramatic presentation, Pastor Ken begins a series on “Extraordinary Eternal”.  This week the message is ‘Easter – Palm Pedestals’.  Scripture is taken from Matthew 19 and Luke 19.

Hosea – O Come All Ye Faithless – Come Receive

Pastor Ken concludes our exegetical look into the Book of Hosea.  Today we look at the last chapter of Hosea, Chapter 14, in a message entitled “O Come All Ye Faithless – Come Receive.”.

Hosea – Yahweh as witness, the Prosecution Rests!

We continue to look at Hosea this week.  Pastor Ken, once again solicits reaction to this week’s passages from the congregation.  Today we look at Hosea chapters 10 through 13 in a message entitled “Yahweh as witness, the Prosecution Rests!”.