Go, Open Doors … Past, Present, Future

Today we are celebrating the 71st Anniversary of our Church.  Pastor Ken concludes his series on “Go, Open Doors!” by connecting together the doors that were opened to bring our church into existence, with the doors that are open for us now and the doors we need to open tomorrow.  The Scripture today is taken from Romans 11:33 through 12:6.  He leaves us with 3 final thoughts on the subject of “Go, Open Doors!”:


  • –God’s wisdom & power, mercy & love is open to you
    • We enter, ‘worship’ with total abandon / sacrifice to His Lordship
  • –Human patterns /philosophy -without God, are dead-ends
    • Goodness conforms to/enters God’s will – renews & transforms
  •  Humble response to God’s grace unites us in community
    • Faithful ‘living’ is in a healthy body, which belongs to each other
Go, Open Doors!

Go, Open Doors!

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