Hearing God’s Spirit

Have ears to hear… the will to do… what God desires? Through a five week series on Spiritual Discernment, Pastor Ken discusses our innate drive to know the right choice of millions we face. Our 1st inspiration from   Job and Jesus.: ‘Hearing God’s Spirit’; a prerequisite, a principle and a parameter of discernment.


Concentric Care Counselling: The Friends and Family Plan

Concentric Care Counselling extends from / to family and friends. Song of Songs chapter 7 and Job 32 guide us in our contemplation of “You are the target … God is the aim!”

Friends and Family

Friends and Family

The Mysterious Origin of All Things – Firm and Final Fellowship of the Faithful

Our last week of the scripture search: “The Mysterious Origin of all things”, we focus on the origin & destination (s) of humanity. Oh yes, ‘The Firm, Final Fellowship of the Faithful’, found in John 1 & Job 38 is a fitting end to our exploration. Smile…the mystery ends in serenity.