Go, Open Doors … Past, Present, Future

Today we are celebrating the 71st Anniversary of our Church.  Pastor Ken concludes his series on “Go, Open Doors!” by connecting together the doors that were opened to bring our church into existence, with the doors that are open for us now and the doors we need to open tomorrow.  The Scripture today is taken from Romans 11:33 through 12:6.  He leaves us with 3 final thoughts on the subject of “Go, Open Doors!”:


  • –God’s wisdom & power, mercy & love is open to you
    • We enter, ‘worship’ with total abandon / sacrifice to His Lordship
  • –Human patterns /philosophy -without God, are dead-ends
    • Goodness conforms to/enters God’s will – renews & transforms
  •  Humble response to God’s grace unites us in community
    • Faithful ‘living’ is in a healthy body, which belongs to each other
Go, Open Doors!

Go, Open Doors!

God Who? – God the Holy Spirit

Pastor Ken concludes his series exploring the Trinity.  Today he looks at God the Holy Spirit; with a little help from Acts chapter 2 and Romans chapter 8.  As he has done throughout this series, he compiles his conclusions into a Top 10 list.

The Holy Spirit

Top 10: Holy Spirit

  1. Comes at Jesus’ request to His Father
  2. Be ‘with’ and ‘in’ us but not world
  3. Will ‘advocate’ and teach truth, Jesus’ words
  4. Empowers Jesus’ work
  5. Fills people – enables the supernatural
  6. Fulfills scripture
  7. Furthers God’s Grace –in word
  8. Assures status
  9. Enables/ helps us to pray
  10. Works for our good

Listening To Your Mind

Humans perceive, recognize and distinguish data every millisecond. As our minds process data, we are driven by a major theme: what is best for us. In the 2nd inspiration of our spiritual  discernment series, we ask: ”what is the role of intellect in discovery, motivation and celebration in our lives?”. Paul’s answer to the Romans is of great help – Romans 12:1-3.

Spiritual Discernment 2

Here is a link to the “CHOOSING WELL, through Holy Discernment” document that Pastor Ken circulated during the Message today.

Choosing Well, through Holy Discernment

Ground Rules for 2016

Pastor Ken begins the New Year with his own version of the Top Ten list.  There are only eight items, actually. He refers to these as the  ground rules for our church in 2016. Inspiration today is taken from Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:1-7, Ephesians 4:1-6 and Romans 13:7-10.

2016 Ground Rules 1 – 4

2016 Ground Rules 5 – 8

The Mysterious Origin of All Things – Mining Truth in Romans and Genesis

Pastor Ken launches a 3 week series: “The Mysterious Origin of All Things”  focusing on the origin, stopovers, and destination (s) of humanity, jetting through God’s word. This week we focus on ‘Mining Truth in Romans 1 and Genesis 1’. Strap up…its going to be quite a ride.

I can do all things … except that – February 16, 2014

“Do all things work together for good”? Are you strong enough to “do all things through Christ”? Does God “give you only what you can handle”?

Pastor Ken moves from the myth of unconditional love to pursue objects of misplaced faith & hope. Inspiration for today’s message is taken from: Jeremiah 29, 1 Corinthians 10 and Romans 8

Questions in the Bible – What’s true?… What’s next? – July 28, 2013

To wrap up his series on ‘Questions in the Bible’, Ken starts this week’s message with a Pop Quiz.  I hope you have been paying attention over the last 3 weeks!  He next moves on to three new questions for this week.  Ken then finishes with 4 questions posed by Paul in Romans 8:31-39.

People of the Book …reading between the lines, Chapter II – April 28, 2013

This week Ken concludes his series on The Bible with Chapter II of ‘People of the Book ….reading between the lines’.  Today’s message starts on a lighter vein, with Ken recalling some of his experiences at Summer Camp when he was 11.  What has this got to do with The Bible, you ask?  Well, it comes down to ‘Kumbayah my Lord’ (coom by ya) – Come by here, my lord, come by here.

Inspiration from Scripture is taken from Romans 4 and 11, this week

People of the Book …reading between the lines, Chapter II – April 14, 2013

Ken continues his series on the Bible with Chapter II of ‘People of the Book ….reading between the lines’.  Today he explores the truth and about finding it … in the Bible.  Inspiration is taken from Romans 3:1-25.

People of the Book …reading between the lines – April 7, 2013

This week, Ken starts a 4 week series about the Bible.  Calling it ‘People of the Book’.  In two week time we will have the perspective of Andrew Barron, Director of Jews for Jesus Canada, on this topic.  Today, Ken took his inspiration from Romans 9:1-5 and Hebrews.