A Year-end Bedtime Story – Bring in the new!

In closing out 2014 Ken tells us to focuses on taking out the trash … and bringing in the new.  To illustrate his point, he tells us a touching story of a young lad, seemingly lost and without purpose, and an old man who has become bitter over the recent loss of his wife.  The two come together by random circumstance and both their lives are changed in the process.  Listen to this touching and see how this Christmas story unfolds.  Scripture today is taken from 1 Timothy 4:1-8

Regifting Christmas Presence – Faith & Hope

For our fourth Sunday of Advent, the Apostle Matthew focuses us on the greatest gift ever given. Pastor Ken winds up our Christmas series with the ultimate expression of Love & Joy: faith in God and his promises for you.  Scripture is taken from Matthew 2:1-12

Regifting Christmas Presence – Childlikeness

Advent Sunday #2, we consider the writings of Luke: a fellow traveler of Paul’s who was intimately connected with Jesus’ closest friends. Through the details of Luke 1, we hear Mary’s own story and understand better the gifts that God give – and what we give back to Him.  Scripture Luke 2:21-56

Regifting Christmas Presence – God’s Grace

On this first Sunday of Advent, Pastor Ken consults those closest to Jesus – his good friend John – to understand God’s greatest gifts to us. We start this series by considering the ‘Truth and Grace’ that has come for Jesus in John 1.  Scripture John 1:9-17

Compassion! You, family, friends, neighbours and the World

Compassion! The love of God is the greatest force in the world. Love creates, sustains, endures, strengthens, corrects & gives hope. Reflecting on a Song of David, Pastor Ken share some thoughts on the transforming love of God… for our family, our friends, our neighbours & our world. Scripture –  1 Chronicles 16:1-36

To Commune or Not to Commune – November 9, 2014

Communion! You have a choice: in community or in isolation, walking together or going it alone, a continent of cooperation or an island unto yourself, to commune or not to commune. We cannot avoid the question. God awaits our response. Reflecting on the first Passover, Pastor Ken shares some thoughts on the last supper Jesus spent with his disciples…before his death, before resurrection. Scripture: Exodus 12:1-14

The Mysterious Origin of All Things – Firm and Final Fellowship of the Faithful

Our last week of the scripture search: “The Mysterious Origin of all things”, we focus on the origin & destination (s) of humanity. Oh yes, ‘The Firm, Final Fellowship of the Faithful’, found in John 1 & Job 38 is a fitting end to our exploration. Smile…the mystery ends in serenity.

The Mysterious Origin of All Things – Mining Truth in Revelations and Genesis

Today is our Church’s 69th anniversary.  Ken marks the occasion by digging deeper into the “The Mysterious Origin of all things”, as outlined in God’s word, we consider prehistory with ʻPrequel Ponderanceʼ in Chapters 12 of the first & last books of the Bible. Stretch it out … we’re going to dig deep.

The Mysterious Origin of All Things – Mining Truth in Romans and Genesis

Pastor Ken launches a 3 week series: “The Mysterious Origin of All Things”  focusing on the origin, stopovers, and destination (s) of humanity, jetting through God’s word. This week we focus on ‘Mining Truth in Romans 1 and Genesis 1’. Strap up…its going to be quite a ride.

Hey…Jude: Ages and Stages of Loving Fellowship – A Summary

Ken looks back at the month of September and his series on Jude: “Ages and Stages of Loving Fellowship”.  Today Ken does a summary of the of the ages and stages that make up our church family:

  1. Busy Managers – ages 21-54
  2. Smart Pretirees – ages 0-20
  3. Free Influencers – ages 55-70
  4. Grand Retirees – ages 71+

Ken’s goal in this series was to help us understand those who are in a different stage of life than we are; to be able to love them, as Jesus taught us to do. Where do you fit in?  Tune in to this Podcast Series and find out for yourself.