Go, Open Doors … Past, Present, Future

Today we are celebrating the 71st Anniversary of our Church.  Pastor Ken concludes his series on “Go, Open Doors!” by connecting together the doors that were opened to bring our church into existence, with the doors that are open for us now and the doors we need to open tomorrow.  The Scripture today is taken from Romans 11:33 through 12:6.  He leaves us with 3 final thoughts on the subject of “Go, Open Doors!”:


  • –God’s wisdom & power, mercy & love is open to you
    • We enter, ‘worship’ with total abandon / sacrifice to His Lordship
  • –Human patterns /philosophy -without God, are dead-ends
    • Goodness conforms to/enters God’s will – renews & transforms
  •  Humble response to God’s grace unites us in community
    • Faithful ‘living’ is in a healthy body, which belongs to each other
Go, Open Doors!

Go, Open Doors!

Go, Open Doors … to the end of the earth

A shortened Messaged this week as Pastor Ken shares the stage with our Missions advocate, Pat Yuill.  Pastor Ken introduces this week’s installment of our “Go, Open Doors!” Mission Month(s) with a message taken from Matthew 28:5-20.



  • – According to God’s will, Jesus broke death’s door
    • Christ is Lord–Master–Champion of life; you – we – all will see Him
  • – Knowing Him, you have nothing to fear – even in doubt
    • He IS with us, until the end – His new beginning for all who accept
  • – In his power we GO! Open Doors, for his love to flow
    • He invites us: be/seek followers (disciples), live & teach His truth

Go, Open Doors … to Communion with God

This week we continue on our Mission’s Months theme of “Go, Open Doors!” Today, Pastor Ken weaves Remembrance Day and our Monthly Communion Service into his message.  Scripture today is taken from John 1:1-14.


A note to our regular podcast subscribers – Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to bring you Pastor Ken’s messages from October 23rd and 30th.  Our church facilities were unavailable to us on November 6.  So there are no podcasts for those three weeks.

Tell the Story of Jesus

This is week 2 of our two month long Mission Month(s).  The theme for Mission Month(s) is “Go, Open Doors!”.  As an introduction into today’s Mission Month(s)activity, Pastor Ken tells the story of the Farmer sowing seed – taken from Mark 4. Further inspiration for today’s message is taken from Matthew 13:34-35, 44-46.


Go, Open Doors!

Go, Open Doors!

Mission Month is going to last for two months this year – October and November.  To introduce this year’s theme – Go, Open Doors! – Pastor Ken starts with a message titled “The Simple and Sensational News”.  Inspiration for this week’s message is taken from 1 Corinthians 15:1-8.


Ezekiel – The Greener Grass on the Other Side

Pastor Ken concludes his look into Ezekiel with more antidotes from his life on the farm.  Today he delves into relationships; our relationship with the Shepherd.  Scripture today is taken from Ezekiel 34:26-31.

Ezekiel – The Rod and the Staff that comforts

Pastor Ken continues with his look into Ezekiel.  This week he again draws upon his  experience on the farm with analogies about real shepherds and real sheep that pertain to our own lives and our relationship to God.  Ken draws from Ezekiel 34: 15-24 and Matthew 25: 31-46.

Ezekiel – The Shepherd is Calling

Pastor Ken draws on his experiences from the family farm to bring you this week’s message.  Do you feel like you have been running from your shepherd? Are you thirsty? Are you lonely? Are you tired or hungry? …The Shepherd is calling you. … Do you hear Him? Should you heed Him? Will you trust Him the lead you; even when sheep all around you are going their own way?  Using Ezekiel as his inspiration, he delves into these questions and helps us to answer them. Scripture today is taken from Ezekiel 34:1-12.

Truth – Accept the Truth

Officially back from vacation this week, Pastor Ken finishes off the series on “Truth” which he started in August.  Today he begins with a little role play before looking at how truth and emotions interact.  The scripture for today’s message is taken from Luke 23:39-46 and Luke 24:36-48.

Truth – What is truth?

Pastor Ken has returned from his summer holidays and begins a series on Truth.  This week he explores our perception of truth and how that has changed over the ages.  His inspiration this week comes from John chapter 18 and chapter 14.

During the next two weeks, Pastor Errol Johnson – from Shiloh Baptist – will be our guest speaker.  Pastor Johnson will continue on this theme of Truth.