Rebuilding Life: Phase IV – Moving In… God has done it…we helped! – September 29, 2013

Ken wraps up his 4 part series on “Rebuilding Life” by metaphorically moving in to the ‘temple’ we have built over the last 3 weeks.  The the conclusion of the service, Ken unveils a mirror to show us who is in our ‘temple’.  As you listen to this podcast, listen for the surprise at the end.  Scripture this week is  Nehemiah 8:7-12.

Rebuilding Life: Phase III – God can do it…we can help! – September 22, 2013

In Phase III of his series on “Rebuilding Life”,  Ken continues to work along with the noise of demolition and construction, to help us understand how we can breakdown unnecessary walls and rebuild appropriate ones with God’s help.  Scripture this week is Nehemiah 9:1-37.